FIDCO maintains the paved and dirt roads inside the Park as well as at the Gate House entrance to the Park.

Road maintenance includes:

  • Cutting and clearing brush, paving, grading, snow removal and litter cleanup.
  • In 2010, using funds raised from over a decade of East End property assessments and road usage fees, FIDCO repaved 5.8 miles of the main road and installed new safety barriers in select locations.
  • Gate attendants, employed by FIDCO, monitor road usage and help reduce unauthorized traffic into the Park.
  • FIDCO also controls traffic through the sale of car and truck stickers which constitute a source of revenue for road maintenance.
  • FIDCO works with the New York state police and Town of Southold authorities in the enforcement of speeding and other driving regulation in the Park.
  • FIDCO has its own security vehicle which regularly patrols the East End roads. FIDCO has the right to withhold individual driving privileges on its roads and does so when necessary to maintain safe conditions.

FIDCO’s other activities include:

  • monitoring environmental issues affecting the Park
  • financing mosquito control work
  • working cooperatively with all Island organizations, such as the Island Community Board, the Fishers Island Conservancy, the Ferguson Museum, the Fishers Island Ferry District and the Fishers Island Fire Department, in furtherance of their many programs