2024 Gate Letter

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January 1, 2024

Dear Fishers Islanders:

Happy New Year – and bright new sticker!

Please find below information regarding the 2024 Sticker Rates, and some important reminders of regulations governing the East End and use of its roads.


The 2024 gate pass Sticker Rates for all vehicle categories are listed on our 2024 Info & Pricing page. As a reminder, every vehicle entering the East End must have a FIDCO sticker visibly affixed or a Guest Pass in its windshield. As you consider the rate increase, please remember that approximately 90% of FIDCO’s operating costs are its people – and caring for them so that they can properly maintain the East End remains a top priority.

Stickers may be purchased through this website on the “Pass Renewal & Request” page. Guest Passes must be purchased at the Gate House. As a reminder, a FIDCO Waiver and Release is required to be signed annually for each vehicle, at the time of purchase, including by guests.

Off‐Season Hunting

As posted, please be reminded that from November 1st to March 1st, the Sportsman’s Club leases the FIC golf course and other nearby land from FIDCO for offseason pheasant shooting. There are several designated days when shooting will not occur and walking on the golf course is permitted – however, for safety purposes, please call or text Luis Horn at 860-389-5400 prior to venturing out on the golf course to confirm.

East End Roads

FIDCO’s Board of Directors and staff spend a significant amount of time, money and effort throughout the year ensuring that its roads are safe. In spite of repeated pleas, speeding continues to be a problem, requiring more money, more physical deterrents and other resources to be spent on slowing down drivers. The speed limit is 30 MPH on the main road, and 15MPH on the extension or dirt roads – and those who violate the rules of the road may lose their East End driving privileges.

Please help by respecting these speed limits, your neighbors, and FIDCO employees – by slowing down. It is up to each of us to drive the speed limit, watch for bikers and children, stop at the Gate House, obey the rules of the road and beach parking restrictions so that we can all enjoy the island’s peace and beauty. As a reminder, the “No Parking” signs posted at Isabella and Chocomount are there because the area is restricted for emergency vehicle access and to maintain orderly traffic flow. If you cannot find parking at the beaches, please use your bike or carpool; parking on or along the main road is strictly prohibited.

Street Number Signs

The FIFD has requested that all homes install a street number sign to help locate addresses during an emergency. FIDCO’s Architectural Committee recommends the signs be of a neutral color, with reflectiveness for effective nighttime viewing, and has compiled a list of recommendations, which can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

Road Painting

As a result of inappropriate activity over the last few years, a road painting policy became necessary to prevent the misuse of FIDCO’s private road. Please make sure that everyone in your household understands that violation of the policy below may result in loss of driving privileges, repairs, fines or other consequences – including the removal and prohibition of all road painting. This would be very unfortunate after generations of this lighthearted tradition. Ultimately, we rely on each of you to respect the intent of this policy, our private property, as well as each other, and allow FIDCO to focus its limited resources and precious time on more productive efforts than mediating these activities.

FIDCO will not allow its roads or property to be a platform for divisive road art, political signage or vandalism. Instead, FIDCO endorses the quiet enjoyment of its beautiful and natural resources. FIDCO does not condone or manage road painting, and reserves the right to maintain its property accordingly. Going forward, FIDCO will take action, to the best of its ability, with respect to those found to be responsible for destruction of road art, the creation of images of a particularly contentious or sloppy nature, or that are a danger to road safety.

As we look forward to a new year, the Board and I thank you for being considerate and helping us keep everyone safe by abiding by these rules and regulations.

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