January 1st, 2020

Dear Fishers Islanders:

2020 Stickers will be available starting January 2nd.

Please find below information regarding the 2020 rates and the regulations governing vehicular and bicycle traffic on FIDCO’s East End roads.  

Gate Pass Stickers

The rates for all Residential and Commercial Vehicle categories are set forth below and on the website.  The cost of maintaining and strategically enhancing FIDCO’s core assets, including the roads and security, rises routinely – therefore, as do the sticker prices.  FIDCO does its best to mitigate and manage these costs, but does need to increase pricing to keep neutral with inflation and to ensure it provides the quality of services expected.  Bicycle stickers will continue to be free of charge in 2020.

As a reminder, every vehicle entering the East End must have a FIDCO sticker affixed to the upper right-hand corner of its windshield, so they can easily be seen by the Gate House attendants. Stickers may be purchased at the Gate House or online.  This online system is intended to streamline the process – if you purchased a sticker in 2019 and will be using the same vehicle as last year, your vehicle information is already in the system, so you only will need to enter your user name and password.

Signed FIDCO Waivers

Starting in 2020, it will be a requirement to have an annually signed FIDCO Waiver for all vehicles, Residential and Commercial, accessing FIDCO property.   The FIDCO Waiver is signed at the time of sticker purchase – either online or at the Gate House.


Renters (on both the East or West End) are not eligible for Guest Passes, no matter the duration of their rental.  All island Renters who wish to access the East End must purchase a vehicle sticker and sign the FIDCO Wavier.

Guest Passes

Holders of Residential Vehicle Stickers (only) may request a Guest Pass for a guest vehicle for up to a total of 10 days per season.  All Guest Passes must be obtained at the Gate House.  The Guest Pass will be registered to a specific vehicle, and once that vehicle exceeds the maximum 10 days, the vehicle will need to purchase a sticker in order to continue to have access to the East End.

An important item of note: as part of the FIDCO Waiver, Residential Vehicle Sticker owners are legally responsible for the actions of their Guests, anyone driving their car, and for any individuals for whom they purchase stickers.  Hosts will be required to sign the Waiver on behalf of their Guest, accepting responsibility for them.  We ask hosts to please assist us in making Guests fully aware of speed limits, rules and regulations regarding use of FIDCO roads as well as the Recreational Path.

Safety on FIDCO Roads

FIDCO roads on the East End are private property – and we take the safety of residents and guests on our roads very seriously.  FIDCO and the NYS Police monitor traffic on the East End roads, and posted speed limits as well as compliance with stop signs will be strictly enforced.  As part of the island-wide concerted effort to create a safer environment, speed bumps at the Gate House and the Fishers Island Club have been installed, and the Recreational Path and improved signage have made a big difference.

However, we have seen too many accidents due to excessive speed and/or driving under the influence of alcohol.  FIDCO will do everything in its power to support law enforcement efforts – and violations of NYS laws and/or FIDCO’s policies may lead to the loss of driving privileges on East End roads.  Please exercise due care, observe posted limits and warnings, and drive safely, and lead by example.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  We ask that you please respectfully support our safety efforts and our staff.  PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Beach Parking

Please take note of the areas where “No Parking” signs are posted at the East End beaches.  These restricted areas are designated for emergency vehicle access and orderly traffic flow, and FIDCO will enforce these parking restrictions – including through the use of orange violation window stickers.  Repeated violations may lead to driving privileges being revoked on the East End roads.

Over the last year, FIDCO has worked to create additional beach parking, where possible – and we ask that residents and guests help minimize the congestion at the East End beach parking areas by riding together when possible.

Control of Pets

Island residents have continued to express concern about dogs that have been unleashed and running free on FIDCO property, including the beaches, and on the Recreational Path.  As a reminder, it is required by NY State law to keep your dog on a leash on the beach.   There are many Island residents who enjoy walking their dogs along the FIDCO roads and beaches as well as on the Rec Path and Museum nature trails, and we ask all pet owners to please maintain positive control over your pets at all times.

Jim Wall, John Bergquist, and Nikole Aiello will continue to manage the Gate House, and Aaron Rice and Courtney Allan will continue to maintain the East End roads and provide security.  Please give them a hearty “Hi” and “Thank You” when you see them.


Amelia Gary