To contact the gate: 631-788-7215


A FIDCO Sticker is a temporary license to operate a vehicle on the private East End roads, according to the guidelines set forth below and on our website. Vehicles and bicycles will not be allowed on the East End without a FIDCO Sticker or Guest Pass, and must sign the FIDCO Waiver.

Motorized Bikes, Electric Bikes, Motorcycles, Mopeds, ATV’s, Roller Blades, Skateboards, Baby Carriages and Strollers are not permitted on the East End Road.

Additional Sticker Rules and Regulations may be found on the FIDCO website:

Residential Vehicles
East End Property Owners $185 per vehicle
West End Residents $275 per vehicle
All Island Renters $300 per vehicle
Year-Round Residents (must have FI Ferry card) $40 per vehicle
Guests $50 per vehicle for up to 7 days
Bicycles Free

Commercial Vehicles (Contracting, Catering, Cleaning, Caretaking, Delivery and Real Estate)
Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups) $375 per vehicle
Heavy Duty (Trucks) $500 per vehicle
Commercial Day Pass – Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups) $75 per day
Commercial Day Pass – Heavy Duty (Trucks) $140 per day
Oversize Vehicles (Tri Axle, Concrete Mixers, Bulldozers) $350 per day