Gate Pass Information   

A FIDCO Sticker is a temporary license to operate a vehicle on (Private) East End roads according to the guidelines set forth below. Vehicles and bicycles will not be allowed on the East End without a FIDCO sticker or FIDCO Guest Pass. Stickers are valid from January 1st-December 31st and expire annually.

FIDCO reserves the right to withdraw privileges to operate a vehicle on East End roads of any violators of the guidelines governing stickers and/or guest passes. Laws for NY State Private Roads are strictly applied

Main Road Speed Limit 30 MPH

Dirt Road Speed Limit 15 MPH


Motorcycles, Electric Bikes, Mopeds, ATV’s, Roller Blades, Scooters, Skateboards, Baby Carriages, and Strollers are not permitted on the East End Roads.

Sticker Fees for 2023

  • East End Property Owners  $210 per car
  • West End Property Owners $320 per car
  • All Island Renters $350 per car  (see renter guidelines)
  • Year-Round Residents (must have ferry card)  $42 per car
  • Bicycles: FREE
  • Guests: One 7 day pass per guest vehicle, the 7 days are consecutive days: $55 (please see rules and regulations below)

Commercial Vehicles (Contracting, Catering, Cleaning, Caretaking, Delivery and Real Estate)
A. Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups): $455 per vehicle
B. Heavy Duty (Trucks): $590 per vehicle

Commercial Day Pass
A. Light Duty (Cars, SUV’s, Vans and Pickups): $95 per day
B. Heavy Duty (Trucks, Trailers, Backhoes): $175 per day
C. Oversize Vehicles (Tri Axle, Concrete Mixers, Bulldozers, Dumpster) $430 per day

Signed FIDCO Waivers

It is a requirement to sign a FIDCO Waiver for all vehicles, Residential and Commercial, accessing FIDCO property.   The FIDCO Waiver is signed at the time of sticker purchase – either online or at the Gate House.


Renters (on both the East or West End) are not eligible for Guest Passes, no matter the duration of their rental.  All island Renters who wish to access the East End must purchase a vehicle sticker and sign the FIDCO Wavier.

Guest Passes

Holders of Residential Vehicle Stickers (only) may request a Guest Pass for a guest vehicle for up to a total of 7 consecutive days per season.  All Guest Passes must be obtained at the Gate House.  The Guest Pass will be registered to a specific vehicle, and once that vehicle exceeds the maximum 7 days, the vehicle owner will need to purchase a sticker in order to continue to have access to the East End.

An important item of note: as part of the FIDCO Waiver, Residential Vehicle Sticker owners are legally responsible for the actions of their Guests, anyone driving their car, and for any individuals for whom they purchase stickers.  Hosts will be required to sign the Waiver on behalf of their Guest, accepting responsibility for them.  We ask hosts to please assist us in making Guests fully aware of speed limits, rules and regulations regarding use of FIDCO roads as well as the Recreational Path.

If you are renting your property the tenants are not considered guests. Please be advised by obtaining a guest pass for rental tenants is against FIDCO policy.

FIDCO stickers may be purchased with cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to FIDCO and mailed with one application for each vehicle to FIDCO, Box 604, Fishers Island, NY 06390.  All stickers must be picked up at the gate upon arrival, they will no longer be available at the Utility office.

2023 stickers are required to be on vehicles after January 25, 2023.  Stickers and Guest passes will be available at the gate during normal business hours.

Please Note:
Individual applications must be filled out in entirety for each vehicle or bicycle to be used on the Island. Vehicle license plate numbers are required. Stickers must be affixed to the upper right-hand corner of the windshield. For rental cars, a regular sticker will be used and must be affixed on the upper right-hand corner of the vehicle. Stickers will be removed by the GateHouse staff before the rental vehicle leaves the Island.