East End Property Owners

2020 Assessments  

For your convenience we have  now added a feature so that east end property owners can pay their assessments on line. Please follow the link below to access our payment page. You will need a copy of the invoice that was mailed to you in order to fill out your payment information. If you would like to mail a check for your payment please be sure to address the envelope to FIDCO Box 604 Fishers Island, NY 06390. If you have questions regarding your invoice please email fidco@fidco.us

Fidco Assessment Link


Working on the East End Roads

To all contractors and east end homeowners please be advised that FIDCO now requires a road bond to be in place in order to perform any work that requires digging, trenching or working on the FIDCO roads.  We have put together a package which contains the bond request form as well as the rules and regulations for all road work. You may download the package by clicking on the link.

Road Work Permit Package

Permit Request and Release Request