News for the 2016 Season


Beach Parking
On busy summer weekends, the beach roads and parking lots become very crowded and access by emergency vehicles and nearby residents is impaired. In the past few summers, we posted an attendant at Isabella Beach to redirect traffic to parking spaces on adjacent roads. This approach had favorable results and we plan to continue the practice this year. Cars with guest passes may park at the beaches; however, families with guests are encouraged to minimize the number of cars at the beach. We are asking everyone to consider carpooling, biking or walking to the beaches to alleviate the congestion.

Property Transfers
When an east end property is sold the seller/buyer must fill out a property transfer form and send it to the Fidco office. This is to assure the correct person is charged for the yearly assessment. This form must be filled out before we can send a letter regarding assessment status for closing purposes. For your convenience we have placed a copy of this form on the website under the Design Review Guidelines Tab.

Mike Imbriglio will be retiring after the 2016 season. Mike has been a friendly and familiar face at the gatehouse for the past seven years. When you see him, please take a moment to say goodbye and wish him well in his future endeavors.



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