Recent FIDCO Committee Activity

The FIDCO board has a number of committees to carry out various duties.  An update on recent activities follows:

Roads, Safety and Security
FIDCO has continued its routine maintenance projects on our roads, including grading of the dirt roads, brush removal and tree trimming to improve clearance and sight lines, and road repair. Safety is our foremost consideration. We will continue our messaging to the Island community about the importance of obeying the posted speed limits. To enhance security, the Gate House will now remain open until the end of November and will re-open on March 1.

During the past year, FIDCO renewed its lease agreements with The Fishers Island Yacht Club and The Fishers Island Sportsmans Club. In addition, FIDCO has developed plans to renovate our dock in Silver Eel Cove. We have filed for the necessary permits and expect to complete the project in the spring of 2014.

Architectural Review
The Architectural Review Committee has worked closely with the several Island families who are building new homes or renovating existing homes. We appreciate the very cooperative spirit with which people have embraced FIDCO’s Architectural Review Guidelines.

Land Preservation
FIDCO continues to work closely with The Ferguson Museum and The Fishers Island Conservancy to protect the Island’s natural resources and preserve the Island’s beauty. To date, the Ferguson Museum’s Land Trust has received contributions of over 300 acres of land, approximately one-third of which have been donated by FIDCO. On a very encouraging note, following FIDCO’s sizeable land donations in 2003-2004, several individuals have donated approximately 50 acres of land to the Land Trust. Their extraordinary generosity is greatly appreciated as is the visionary wisdom of Matty Matthiessen who many years ago recognized the need for vigorous land preservation practices on Fishers Island.

At the annual meeting in August, 2012, Margaret Chaves and Dixon Harvey were elected to the board to succeed retiring directors David Strupp and Bob Miller. In December, 2012, Tom Sargent was appointed to the board to fill the remaining term of director Ella Foshay who resigned due to other pressing obligations. Tom Sargent will stand for election to the board at the 2013 annual meeting.

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