2018 Welcome Letter

                                Fishers Island Development Corporation

(Copy of letter mailed with EE Assessments)


January 8th, 2018

Dear Fishers Islanders:

Enclosed are our 2018 East End Sticker Rates and the regulations governing vehicular and bicycle traffic on East End roads. This information also may be found on FIDCO’s web site at http://www.fidco.us.

Last year we streamlined the number of Residential and Commercial Vehicle categories. The four Residential Vehicle categories are: East End Property Owners, West End Residents, Island Renters and Year-Round Residents. The Commercial Vehicle categories remain the same as previous years. As has been our practice, we try to minimize our rate increases to every other year, so the 2018 rates will increase modestly and are listed on a separate page at the end of this letter. The 2018 rates also can be found on the FIDCO website. Bicycle stickers will continue to be free of charge.

Every vehicle entering the East End must have a FIDCO sticker affixed to the upper right-hand corner of its windshield where the sticker can easily be seen by the Gate House attendants. Stickers may be purchased at the Gate House or online via the sticker renewal application link on the FIDCO website (this link will be available in early February). Vehicle identification information is required for each sticker purchased and that information may be provided on auto, commercial and bicycle sticker forms, which will be available at the Gate House or online at the FIDCO website via the portal. Additional information, including policies regarding rental cars, guest passes and bicycles, may be found in the attached instructions as well as on the FIDCO website.

As I have done in the past, I would like to focus you on several items of continuing concern.

Safety on our roads remains our foremost concern. Over the last several years, there has been a concerted effort to create a safer environment on the Island. The Recreational Path, speed bumps at the Gate and the Club, and improved signage have made a big difference. Nevertheless, we continue to have periodic accidents, which often involve speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol.

FIDCO and the New York State Police will continue to monitor traffic on the East End roads. However, we need everyone’s cooperation when it comes to obeying the STOP signs and adhering to the 30 mph speed limit on the main road and 15 mph speed limit on the dirt roads. Excessive speeding and/or reckless driving on FIDCO roads will result in a warning letter and may lead to having your East End driving privileges revoked. I also would ask residents whose driveways cross the Recreational Path to be particularly careful as you turn onto the main road. A few close calls
with bikers and pedestrians were reported over the last few summers, so please be vigilant.

Also, motorists and cyclists are now expected to come to a complete stop at the Gate House crossings in order to improve safety at this particularly dangerous and congested intersection of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Please note there is no overnight parking allowed on FIDCO roads.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please take the time to remind your family members and guests of our traffic rules and regulations and lead by example. PLEASE SLOW DOWN.

Road Maintenance
We will be continuing our long-term program to repair the dirt roads where erosion and poor drainage have damaged the roadbeds. We will be adding fill in certain spots, grading and clearing overhanging brush and trees. Our objective continues to be improved travel and visibility on the dirt roads and to provide the Fishers Island Fire Department and other emergency vehicles better access to residential properties. East End residents are reminded of their responsibility to maintain their driveways and trim brush and trees to allow for 12’ wide by 12’ high passage for emergency vehicles. Loading and unloading commercial equipment on paved FIDCO roads is prohibited. If and when there is no other option, the road must be protected from damage. Finally, please heed the posted 15 mph speed limit on the dirt roads and note the “Warning” signs which have been posted to protect adults, children, pets and others on or near our roads.

Guest Passes and Rental Properties
All guest passes must be obtained at the Gate House. Residents who purchase a sticker may request up to two 5-day passes per guest vehicle. If the number of passes or days exceeds these limits for that vehicle, your guest will be expected to purchase a sticker. Renters are not considered to be guests and are required to purchase stickers.

Beach Parking
On busy summer weekends, the beach roads and parking lots become very crowded and access by emergency vehicles and nearby residents is impaired. This year, we have added additional NO PARKING signs at both beaches to facilitate emergency access and orderly traffic flow. We will enforce these parking restrictions and successive violations will result in a warning letter and may lead to having your East End driving privileges revoked. As we have done in past summers, we may post an attendant at Isabella Beach to redirect traffic to parking spaces on adjacent roads, but we are asking everyone to consider carpooling, biking or walking to the beaches to alleviate the congestion. While cars with guest passes may park at the beaches, we would encourage families with guests to minimize the number of cars at the beach.

Fidco Staff
Jim Wall, John Bergquist and Patty Cook will be returning to the Gate House this year and we also will have a new member of the FIDCO team, Courtney Allan, who will be assisting Aaron Rice with the maintenance of the East End roads. These employees help to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone and are always attentive to your needs.


Philip B. Weymouth III